Lesson Terms & Conditions


1. Lesson Payments

a) All lessons must be paid for in full before the first lesson by at least 48 hrs. I accept PayPal, BACS bank transfer, or cash if you want to pop it in to me.

b) Future lessons are to be paid for in advance before they commence. For example, if paying for a 4 Lesson Saver Pack, payment for the next 4 Pack to be made on lesson 4 of 4 not on the day of the next lesson. Paying for a lesson in hand means that you are guaranteed the time slot you want is secured, and I'm covered from late cancellations or no-shows. 

c) Pre-paid lessons are valid for a month and a half, meaning if there is longer than a 6 week gap between you taking your last lesson, payment is due again.

d) I do not offer refunds. Once you have paid for lessons the payment is seen as final and is non-refundable regardless of reason, thanks. 

2. Cancellation Policy

If you give me more than 48 hrs notice of a scheduled lesson cancellation, you will not be charged. If however I have less than 48 hrs notice you will still be charged in full regardless of reason. 

I currently have students on a waiting list because I can't fit them in specifically for the high demand evening lessons so please understand if a lesson is cancelled with short notice (including the day before) I am not able to fill the slot as people often have pre-made plans.

This means other students lose out on their chance of a lesson, and I loose the lesson fee. Sad times. 

I will try my best to fit you in another slot that week if I have one available for you to swap to however. If I do have a free time slot that suits us both, you will not be charged for the cancellation (this is often not posssible for peak time evening slots that are booked up weeks in advance.)

3. Best Way To Inform Me Of A Cancellation

Please call or text me to let me know. Email is fine if it's more than 2-3 days before the scheduled lesson, but I might not get your message in time otherwise. I will notify you when I've received your cancellation message, if I don't, it means I haven't received it so please call me!

4. Arriving For Your First Lesson

Please do not arrive early for your lesson. Arrive at the scheduled time of your booking. Due to being packed out with students, my lessons are usually booked back to back. I therefore cannot answer the door when I am still teaching the guy or gal before you and I don't have a waiting room.

Note To Parents: Please pick up kids on time.  It isn't fair to my pupil straight after if the start of their lesson is delayed because I have to wait with the student before them if their lift is late.

That's the formal stuff out the way, now let's get to the fun making music part... 

Email: info@yourguitarbrain.com
Mobile: (+44) 077384 33629
Skype: Tammy-Tiff B Guitar Tuition
Location: Dale House, Bredon Road, Teweksbury, Gloucestershire, GL20 5BX

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