20 Christmas Gift Ideas For Guitar Players (Seriously Cool Presents They’ll Love You For Giving)

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Best Christmas Gifts For Guitar Players Musicians

20 Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Guitar Players (Seriously Cool Presents They'll Love You For Giving)

It's really difficult working it out.

Just what are the best gifts to get for the guitar player in your life this Christmas? Yes, seems like yesterday I know, but it's Christmas time once again so you can't put it off any longer. 

It's time to figure out what to buy. 

Don't stress. Because we're here to take the pain out of choosing that ideal present. But what gadgets are really worth it and what accessories will they actually use and love?

The search is over. Come and check out our ultimate guitarist gift guide. We have 20 awesome gift ideas for guitar lovers that'll score you serious brownie points. (Our money's on you loving clever ideas No. 10 and No. 16!)

Stuck for ideas? Not any more...

Let's check those pressies out.

Guitar sandwhich Tin 2
Guitar sandwhich Tin

What better gift to give someone than something they can use nearly every day of the week? Buy your guitar playing loved one this cool guitar shaped lunch box and turn their frown upside down.

No more boring packed lunches at work or school. And all thanks to you.

They’ll love: The free 5 strips of funky vinyl stickers so they can customise to their hearts content

Christmas Gifts for guitar players guitar strap

When it comes to playing guitar, every guitar player loves a top quality guitar strap. Trouble is, most scrimp and buy themselves a cheap strap to just 'make do'.

The truth is, cheap straps fray and break easily though.

Now you've got the solution. Buy your guitar playing friend/family member this stunning real leather celtic embossed strap and make them feel like the bees knees.

They’ll love: The quality workmanship and eye catching design

Every guitar lover needs an amp shaped mug in their life. And this chunky, well-made mug by Spinning Hat is the perfect stocking filler for them this Christmas.

Put a smile on their face every morning when they have their coffee, and every evening when they sit back with their feet up with a cuppa.

They'll love: Showing the world they're a guitar-mad dude every time they enjoy a warming brew.

There are some things a guitar player has to buy on a regular basis. Guitar strings is top on the list. So you know they'll love you for buying them strings, but which do you go for?

What thickness, what brand, what material? Wonder no more, because we’ve got the perfect strings for you to buy.

These top quality Elixir acoustic strings are nanoweb coated. This simply means they feel amazing on your fingers, and they last 2-3 times longer than cheaper non coated strings. Great find!

They’ll love: Feeling extra special because you've brought them these pro strings they may have never discovered.

Bonus Recommendation:

Feeling generous and need a main present idea? Guitarists and music lovers alike will love you forever once you give them this top rated Fire HD 10 tablet. Perfect for the bedroom musicians everyday demands of using practice tool apps, making notes or general web browsing.

Best Tablet For Musicians Gigging Sheet Music_Fire HD 10 Tablet

Know someone who plays guitar or is thinking about starting? The worlds first digital SmartGuitar by Zivix is the perfect Christmas pressie for them if you do.

They can wirelessly connect this bad boy to their iphone, ipad & mac and play away to their hearts content. Super cool and tech savvy idea or what?

They'll love: The cool tutorial apps that are included that'll help sculpt them into a guitar playing god or goddess.

Christmas gifts for guitar players music lovers ROADIE 2 | Smart Automatic Guitar Tuner & String Winder

It's a pain in the rear trying to tune your guitar in a noisy room. Now there's no more fiddling about with your old fashioned guitar tuner. The Roadie RD100 automatic tuner makes tuning a guitar speedy and hassle free.

Quick and accurate, the guitarist you buy this for can tune their guitar, banjo, ukelele, mandolin or bass in a matter of seconds. They'll seriously wonder how they did without this for so long...

They'll love: They can choose from a gargantuan amount of alternate tunings via the free IOS and Android Roadie app.

What guitar players like most is letting everyone else know they are a guitar player. Now they can let the world know when you buy them this eye catching guitar t-shirt.

They come in dozens of different cool colours and sizes, so whether you're looking for a clever gift for a child or adult, boy or girl, you're going to be spoilt for choice.

They'll love: The great quality of the material and comfy fit.

Help the acoustic guitar player you know keep their guitar sounding perfect and in tune buy buying them this Korg RP-C1 tuner. 

The clever design is different from normal tuners because it clips to the inside of the guitars sound hole, meaning they never loose it!

Kudos to you, as many guitarists may well have never come across this tuner without your help.

They'll think you're a genius for this one.

They'll love: Never losing their guitar tuner ever again.

Bonus Recommendation For Him:

Aftershave from the designer house of Hugo Boss. Because you can't deny that every musician wants to smell good. There's an image to uphold you know...

Best Guitar Player music lover Christmas Gift ideas Hugo boss aftershave

Bonus Recommendation For Her:

Gorgeous smelling perfume from the designer house of Hugo Boss. For the female musician in your life. She'll adore you for this one.

Best Guitar Player music lover Christmas Gift ideas Hugo boss for women perfume
Best Gift ideas for guitar players music loversVictrola Suitcase Bluetooth 3-Speed Record Player Turntable

Treat your guitar playing significant other to a unique vinyl record player. This classic British flag design record turntable comes loaded with features. The built-in Bluetooth means you can wirelessly stream music from any Bluetooth device. 3-speed (33 1/3, 45, 78 RPM) belt driven turntable and 3.5 mm aux-in jack and RCA line-out. 

Here's a Christmas gift you're almost guaranteed nobody else will have thought of to get them.

They'll love: The cool vintage vinyl vibe. 

Price: Check out the latest best deal below...

This tiny Marshall practice amp is the ideal choice to buy for a guitar player who doesn't always practice their guitar in the same room.

There's nothing more annoying than having to lug around a heavy amp around the house. Buy this little fella that's cheap as chips and looks really cool too thanks to the iconic Marshall badge to solve their problem nicely.

They'll love: That they can also plug in headphones and rock out in their own world.

Home Theatre Entertainment Mini Video Projector

If you thought having a home cinema system was only for the Mick Jaggers of this world, think again. If you know a guitarist who looooves tech and gadgets, this gift idea will make their Christmas.

They can connect this 1500 lumens LED projection to multiple devices like laptops, TV set-top box, smartphones, gaming consoles etc and rock out watching their favourite music performances for some serious inspiration.

They'll love: Playing along to Rockband or GuitarHero will never feel so epic.

One thing to know about guitarists is they love to keep their pride and joy in tip-top condition. But most don't know what proper cleaning stuff to use. Result? Grimy, unloved guitars all over the place.

Now you have their solution.

Buy them this excellent cleaning kit which includes polish, lemon oil and string cleaner that wont just make their guitar shine, it'll make playing them easier and more fun. Result!

They'll love: The fact that the life-span of their guitar will be increased once they start looking after it with this care kit.

What do you get a guitar player who loves the Gibson guitar brand? A Gibson stool.

Not just for use as a bar stool, this sturdy little guy is perfect as a practice stool for kids and adults alike. What a perfect way to make them rush to practice!

They'll love: The way the stool swivels very smoothly and is super comfortable to sit on.

Bonus Recommendation:

Keep on hearing them say how much they'd like to start recording their guitar playing? This piece of kit makes it all happen. They plug it into their computer, stick their guitar lead in and make sweet music. Good on you - what a savvy gift idea!

Best gift ideas for guitar players musicians Behringer UMC22 Computer Audio Interface

Know a guitar player that's more of a Fender guy? Here's your ideal gift to get them this Christmas.

Like the Gibson stool featured above, this Fender stool can be used as a bar stool or a super cool practice stool.

They'll love: The robust build and eye catching colour.

Best Gift Ideas For Guitar Players Donner Multi Guitar Effect Pedal

Want to give the coolest present ever to a guitar player? This multi-effects pedal from Donner is your man and will give them hours of playing fun.

It has 3 types of guitar effects: Delay, Chorus and Higain and delivers an amazing sound. Ideal for both electric and electro-acoustic guitar players. Is it affordable though? You bet! We guarantee you'll be shocked by how low-cost this little gem is...

They'll love: Discovering their inner creative beast thanks to this cool multi-effects pedal.

Best Guitar Player music lover Christmas Gift ideas Amazon Voucher

Can this really be true? The BEST gift on our list potentially? You're dead right.

If you're still struggling to find what present to get a guitar player or music lover you know, we have the perfect solution...let them pick something themselves! You're probably thinking, why didn't I think of that? Sometimes in life the best solutions are often the simplest.

They'll love: A chance to buy exactly what they want for a change instead of being stuck with something that'll get pushed to the back of the junk drawer.

Price: Check out the latest best deal below...

Marshall Major II Headphones

There's nothing more annoying for a guitar player who's trying to practice but they're being told to turn down all the time and zip it.

Buy them these gorgeous Marshall amp shaped headphones and they can connect to their amp or device of choice and let loose. Problem solved.

The crisp and rich sounding Major II headphones from Marshall are a music lovers dream.

They'll love: Being able to change their music with the handy controls on the headphones. No more scrambling around to find that volume button.

Bonus Recommendation:

Perfect for recording their guitar playing, for gaming, social media and more this simple to install and well-made desktop mic is one piece of kit any music lover will appreciate. You get great audio quality at a fantastic price.

Best Guitar Player music lover Christmas Gift ideas USB microphone mac Windows

So most guitar lovers also love computer games right? Well we've got the perfect gift idea for you with this Guitar Hero special double guitar bundle.

It's a double whammy. Available for Xbox One and Playstation, prepare to watch (or join in) with your loved one rocking out in their slippers. Yeah dude.

They'll love: Showing off their skills and going for it large.

Horizontal Guitar Wall Hanger : Bracket

Not having a guitar safely stored on a stand means you're less likely to pick it up and play. Result? A guitar player is more likely to get frustrated and not bother picking it up.

Easily avoid this catastrophe. Give this sturdy horizontal guitar wall hanger as a thoughtful gift this Christmas.

Guaranteed to keep their guitar out of harms way, the hanger nicely fits most acoustic guitars, electric guitars, banjos etc.

They'll love: The Neoprene padding which won't damage their much loved axe.

Best gifts for guitar ukulele christmas gifts

Do you know what guitar players love more than anything? More guitars.

This Kmise Ukulele kit is cheap as chips, great quality and comes with the complete package kit of everything a beginner could need to get them started. Trust us. Any guitar player will be smiling from ear to ear till Easter with their new axe.

What a great idea.

They'll Love: The way it stays nicely in tune compared to competitor ukulele's.

Guitar t shirt
Guitar t shirts
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