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Skype Lessons: Top 18 Add-Ons To Massively Improve Your Online Lesson Experience

Thanks to Skype lessons you no longer have to be restricted to local tutors if you're on the hunt for the best pro teacher to help you advance your skills. Whether you use Skype, Facetime, Oovoo, Google Hangouts or similar VoIP's (Voice over Internet Protocol), there are some great add-ons you can get to improve your lesson experience tenfold. 

This article is for you if you're taking or thinking of taking:

  •  Any music lessons such as: online guitar lessons, online bass lessons, online piano lessons, online violin lessons etc
  • Any language lessons such as: English online lessons, German online lessons, French online lessons etc

Or if:

  • You use Skype or similar VoIP's for gaming, podcasting, Youtube, field recordings, audio recordings etc.

So whatever your Skype lesson of choice is, we've found three of the best accessories in each of the following categories for you to check out, coming right up...

Best Headsets 

Skype Logo

A no-brainer way to improve your Skype lessons is to use a headset. The best headsets for Skype not only improve the audio sound of your calls and prevent annoying feedback, but add a more private and personal vibe. 

All in all, investing in a headset which offers decent background noise cancellation would be a wise move. Here are 3 of the best on the market:

1. Jabra Evolve 40 (Wired Headset)

Jabra 40 Evolve Skype Headset-53kb
  • UC Headset for VOIP applications
  • USB controller unit
  • Premium noise cancellation
  • USB adapter with 3.5mm jack

The Jabra Evolve 40 offers great sound quality and impressive noise cancellation when used on Skype lessons. The integrated busylight means as an added bonus you'll not be bothered by anyone because they'll know you're on a call. 

The USB connection allows you to change the headset lights when you're in the middle of your video chat via the Jabra Evolve software. Couple this feature with the clear crisp sound, and this headset is a winner for online students.

You'll love: The plush leather-feel ear cushions that'll make your lessons a breeze as you'll forget you have headphones on.

2. Logitech H390 (Wired Headset)

  • Rotating noise cancelling microphone design
  • In-line volume and mute control with LED mute indicator
  • Plug-and-play convenience
  • Advanced digital USB
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac OS X

If you're on a leaner budget, the Logitech H390 USB headset is your safe bet. Used as gaming headphones, taking lessons, listening to audio or making video conference calls, the H390's are a versatile and reliable headset.

You won't get stunning surround sound or deep bass at this price, but you'll get clear bright audio that'll make your Skype lessons a much more enjoyable experience.

You'll love: The out the box noise cancelling that's specifically designed for Skype use. 

3. SteelSeries Arctis 7 (Wireless Headset)

SteelSeries Arctis 7 Skype Headset
  • 40ft/12m range Lag-free 2.4 GHz wireless audio 
  • 24-hours battery life
  • Exclusive ClearCast background noise cancellation
  • S1 speaker drivers with 7.1 surround sound on PC (stereo audio available on Mac and Mobile)
  •  PC Gamer's "Best Wireless Gaming Headset of 2017"

The SteelSeries Arctis 7 headset was winner of T3's 'Best Gaming Accessory' of 2017 and is a premium a choice for Skype users who demand the very best audio quality.

The addition of a built-in equaliser means you can adjust the sound to your personal taste, and the retractable mic is a clever feature too. Lag-free 2.4 GHz wireless audio, the range on these cans is 40ft/12m. And as any guitar player will agree, the less wires the better!

Comfortable, stylish and fantastic sound quality, you need to check these bad boys out for yourself.

You'll love: The ‘live mic preview’ feature which allows you to hear your own voice volume during setup.

Good To Know For Music Students: Because your tutor needs to clearly hear your instrument on a Skype lesson, relying solely on a headsets microphone may or may not be adequate for picking up your guitar/bass/piano etc as clearly as it would your voice. 

Don't stress though, If taking guitar Skype lessons with a tutor such as Tammy-Tiff for example, as part of your introduction lesson you'll get help tweaking your setup to get the ideal sound to ensure you have the best lesson experience possible.

Best USB Microphone

Skype Logo

If you want to greatly improve your Skype lesson calls with your online tutor, one of your first choices has to be getting yourself a good microphone. Whether you've got the latest Macbook Pro or tired old PC, an external mic is guaranteed to be an immense improvement to your current set-up.

Check out these 3 top rated USB mics that'll make your online guitar lessons feel far more superior.

1. Blue Snowball iCE USB Microphone

Blue Snowball Skype iCE USB Microphone
Blue Snowball Best Skype iCE USB Microphone
  • Plug and play on Mac or PC
  • Skype certified improves call sound quality tenfold
  • Desktop mic stand and USB cable included
  • Record vocals, guitar, or a band

Looking for a high-quality sounding microphone for your computer you can use for things such as Skype, recording and streaming? Snowball iCE gives you pro sounding audio that'll blow your laptop microphone out of the water and you'll be glad you checked it out. It's even Skype certified.

Simple to use, just plug and play and you have the option of utilizing a suspended boom arm or simply going with the inbuilt tripod arms.

You'll love: The clear directional sound that ensures the mic just picks up your voice and/or instrument and not the background room noise. 

2. Blue Yeti USB Microphone

Blue Yeti Silver USB Skype Microphone
  • 3 condenser capsules to choose from 
  • Gain control, mute button, zero-latency headphone output.
  • Multiple pattern options inc cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional & stereo
  • Desktop mic stand and USB cable included
  • Record vocals, guitar, MSN, Youtube, Facetime, Skype etc

The Blue Yeti is the industry standard USB microphone. It's the No 1 choice for recording vocals, instruments, podcasting, voiceovers, field recordings, and taking conference calls. If you're serious about your Skype lessons and want an enviable home set-up, the Yeti is for you.

Built like a tank and sturdy, this great mic is perfect for home, office, and studio use and less for mobile use we'd say.

You'll love: The super cool looking colour options. From Aztec Copper, Lunar Grey, Platinum, Slate to Teal.

3. Samson Go Mic USB Portable Microphone

Samson Go USB Portable Microphone

  • Switchable cardioid or omnidirectional pickup patterns
  • Custom compact design that clips to a laptop or sits on a desk
  • Plug and play compatible with Mac + PC
  • Affordable price
  • USB digital output

The Samson Go is a truly portable clip on condenser mic that'll give you the option of making video calls, recording, podcasting or whatever you feel like, both at home and on the move.

The Go offers a solid build quality with a stable base the microphone can be folded away into- very handy. You can also mount the Samson Go on a tripod purchased separately. A protective travel case is also included with the mic.

You'll love: The retro styling and small size of this microphone makes it a winner for those looking for a convenient plug and play mic option.

Best Bluetooth Speaker

Skype Logo

Music students: Sorry to say this, but your laptop, tablet or smartphone won't give you good enough sound quality to enjoy the full benefits of a music lesson over Skype. 

Thankfully, bluetooth speakers are a clever cost-effective way of upgrading your sound system if you don't want to use headphones to solve this problem. Have a little peek at these 3 highly rated bluetooth speakers we found for you:

1. Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Stereo Speaker

Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Stereo Speaker
  • Impressive Battery Life of 24-hours
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with instant pairing to your smartphone, tablet or computer 
  • 6W Dual-Driver
  • Patented bass port and built-in microphone for calls
  • 18-month warranty included

Be it your laptop or smartphone you use on your Skype lessons, whatever your bluetooth enabled device is, the Anker SoundCore portable bluetooth speaker works flawlessly with all. It also packs real audio punch for a modest price.

You get lossless CD-quality sound delivered from up to 66 feet away with this speaker meaning you'll hear everything your teacher plays in stunning clarity during your online lessons. 

You'll love: The solid build of the speaker and zero sound distortion even when pushed to higher volumes.

2. JBL Flip 4 Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth Speaker
  • 3000 mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery with 12 hour life
  • IPX7 waterproof speaker you can submerge in water
  • JBL Connect+ technology
  • Wirelessly connect up to 2 bluetooth enabled devices
  • USB charging cable included

The JPL Flip 4 waterproof Bluetooth speaker delivers phenomenal bass rich sound for its size. From listening to music on your smart phone to watching Youtube and taking video calls on your laptop, the JBL will make you wonder why you waited so long to ditch your devices tinny built-in speakers.

And with the Flip 4's handy portable dimensions, those on-the-go hotel room Skype lessons never sounded so good.

You'll love: The epic colour choice including Teal, Blue, Grey, Red, Black, White and Camo.

3. Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II

Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II
  • Lithium-ion battery with 8 hours of play time
  • Famous Bose technology 
  • Water-resistant 
  • Bose Connect app available to add bluetooth connections
  • Bluetooth 4.2 wireless with 3.5mm Auxiliary Port

It's not the cheapest speaker on our list, but thanks to the trusty Bose technology, the Soundlink Color Bluetooth Speaker II sounds fantastic and connects easily to any of your bluetooth devices. 

The deep sound and impressive volume capabilities make the Soundlink an ideal choice for amplifying the audio from any tutorial video call from Skype to Facetime to Google Hangouts.

You'll love: The lush velvety matte finish on the speakers soft-touch silicone exterior. 

Best Webcam

Skype Logo

Many modern internal computer cameras are good, but you're more likely to get much better results from spending a little extra on an external webcam.

And because It's crucial you and your tutor can clearly see each other particularly during a music Skype lesson, adding a USB webcam to your home studio rig may be the best move you make all year. Check out 3 of the best webcams for Skype right here:

1. Logitech C920 HD Pro USB 1080p Webcam

Logitech C920 HD Pro USB 1080p Webcam

  • Full HD 1080p video calling up to 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Integrated H.264 compression giving fluid HD videos and fast, smooth uploads
  • Mac and PC compatible
  • Great budget option for Skype, Google Hangout, Zoom etc.

The Logitech C920 features a 15 megapixel camera for capturing still images. The webcam shoots and streams in Full HD  at 1080p and users report it records natural sounding stereo audio also.

Perfect for any Skype students who fancy splashing out and treating themselves, this 1080p webcam is a worthy upgrade to many devices standard 720p camera.

You'll love: The built-in dual stereo mics with automatic noise reduction.

2. PAPALOOK PA452 1080p HD Web Camera


  • Full HD 1080p for video calls and recording
  • Video chat instantly with any IM including Skype, Windows Messenger, AOL.
  • PC compatible

You get high-quality 1080p HD widescreen video chat capability with the cheap as chips PAPALOOK PA452. The camera is perfect for any video calls and handles a range of lighting conditions surprisingly well for the price.

Buyer beware: this is only PC compatible, so if you've got a Mac look at the other two cameras on out list and skip this one.

You'll love: The funky colour changing LED lights on the unit.

3. Logitech C270 HD Webcam

Logitech C270 Webcam HD

  • 1280 x 720 screen resolution
  • HD 720p video calling and HD video recording
  • Mac and PC compatible
  • Good cheap option from Logitech

If you want to maximise your Skype user experience but don't want to fork out too much money on a webcam, you won't go wrong with the Logitech C270.

The 720p video calling on the C270 whilst not as high as two other 1080p cameras on our list still allows your online teacher to see you clearly. At this price, just don't expect the internal mic to be great quality. Therefore purchasing a separate microphone is your safest bet if you decide to go for this webcam.

You'll love: The small portable size that won't take up too much real-estate sat on top of your computer.

Best Headphones

Skype Logo

Headphones optimise the sound quality for you and the other person on video calls. Also, sometimes when making a video call over software like Skype or Google Hangouts your speakers can feed back into your microphone resulting in you hearing your voice or instrument echoed back. Whilst the softwares do a good job of preventing this, a pair of headphones will fully eradicate it.

1. Sony MDR-ZX110NA Overhead Noise Cancelling Headphones

Sony MDR-ZX110NA Overhead Noise Cancelling Headphones
  • 30mm Neodymium Driver
  • Up To 80 Hours Of Battery Life
  • Smartphone capable headphones with in-line remote mic
  • Noise-isolating design

The Sony MDR's are a great choice for those who are on a budget but want to get some noise cancelling headphones to make VoIP calls a breeze.

Sony claim you get a 95% reduction in ambient noise with these lightweight headphones, and many online reviewers agree that's not far off the mark. Decent bass and nice treble, all in all these cans are great value for money.

You'll love: The small price tag compared to other noise cancelling headphones on the market.

2. AKG Y50BTBLK Portable Foldable On-Ear Rechargeable Bluetooth Headphones

AKG Y50BTBLK Portable Foldable On-Ear Rechargeable Bluetooth Headphones
  • 40 mm Drivers
  • 20 hours battery life
  • Also works with a by-pass cable included
  •  Bluetooth enabled for audio and calls

With flawless bluetooth connectivity the AKG YB50BT's solve the issue of annoying wires when you're trying to enjoy your online lesson.

You'll get deep rich sound from these overhead headphones and many users report the sound quality is equally as good over wired or wireless connection. What more excuse do you need to take Skype lessons?

You'll love: The premium build quality makes the AKG YB50BT headphones feel like they're considerably more expensive than they actually are.

3. Sennheiser HD 598 Cs Closed Back Headphones

Sennheiser HD 598 Cs Closed Back Headphone
  • Noise isolating closed back design
  • Compatible with many audio devices including phones, tablets and computer
  • In-line remote and microphone for controlling music and calls
  •  115 dB SPL Sound level

An important feature headphones you intend to use for your online lessons must have is comfort. Afterall, they're going to be sat on your head sometimes for hours at a time. Introducing then the Sennheiser HD 598's.

Yes they're pricey, but you not only get hi-fi sound quality but comfy thick pads that make these premier headphones a joy to wear and a joy to experience audio through.

You'll love: The powerful bass which is balanced with sweet mids and highs all combining to make the sound quality night and day above your usual cheap headphones.

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