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About Tammy-Tiff

Tammy-Tiff B is a session guitarist, writer and tutor. She has travelled all over the world touring and working with artists such as Lady Ga Ga and Craig David and has written books such as Easy Peasy Guitar Music Theory aimed specifically at guitar players.

She takes a fresh angle to help guitar players just like you use smarter ways to dramatically improve their guitar playing skills and has been a guitar tutor for over 12 years. 

Whether it be thorough her free Youtube tutorials, private in-person or online Skype lessons, Tammy-Tiff's aim is to help you cut through all that noise, bypass the frustration of info overload, and help you learn to play your very best guitar.

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About YourGuitarBrain

Hi there! I'm so glad you've dropped by. I'm Tammy-Tiff B and I'm here to help guitar players just like you become fantastic on guitar. Beginner or advanced, acoustic or electric, blues or rock, it all works for you.

Would you love to confidently play through songs at a party or bbq?

I'm here to help you achieve all your guitar playing goals, no matter how big or small.

So If you're frustrated at your slow improvement on guitar...If you're confused by the endless conflicting playing advice out there online...

If you seem to always play the same old stuff...

...and If you're dying to be able to play any of the 100's of songs you love, I'll help you step by step to get there.

How I can help your guitar playing improve...fast

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Everything you'll learn on here is easy to put into action. From video masterclasses to custom made Skype lessons, to articles detailing the science and psychology behind real playing success, to little-known pro guitarist tips and tricks.

You'll soon be armed with the know-how that'll give your guitar playing the turbo-boost you're striving for.

If you're looking for just another guitar lesson site with videos of some guy playing a song at you, move on.

If you're not. If you're the type who likes discovering something new that'll cause real positive change in your guitar playing...If you're serious about getting great on guitar...welcome fellow guitar player.